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All councilors are representatives of the people. I can not agree with their views of the party, but I will never exclude anyone who wants to work on the benefit of the city “- he stressed Majchrowski.” I do not accept such sharing of Krakow, and the term cordon sanitaire against the representatives of the residents I consider outrageous “- wrote Majchrowski. “If the residents once again entrust me as president of the city, it’s just like four years ago, I wanted to work with all councilors. And his support in the second round’m not going to pass anyone. I’m going to the elections with faith in victory,” – he added prezydent.Lider Association the logical alternative and presidential candidate Krakow Luke Gibala declared Tuesday that “never enter into any agreements with the PiS.” “I’m the last person who would be ready for any political function, the Vice-President or anyone else to sell to Law and Justice or Jack Majchrowskiemu” – he said. “I hope that I will be in the second round of elections. But if I fail, it does not I will support or Malgorzata Wassermann, nor Jacek Majchrowski.

I think that’s what makes the PiS in the country is very bad and Malgorzata Wassermann no program for Krakow and would be entirely a dependent as mayor of our city. But I also think that Jacek Majchrowski is a terrible president, president developers, not residents and therefore absolutely rule out support Jacek Majchrowski “- said Gibala. “There will be no peaceful agreements with any of the two sides” – zadeklarowal.Cztery years ago in the first round of presidential elections in Krakow Gibala he reached the third result – winning 11.16 percent. votes. Just a decade or two ago, global economic governance was relatively easy. The US said the group of countries with the most developed economies, what to think, the G7 said the International Monetary Fund and other (…) institutions, what to do and that was the end – writes British newspaper, recalling that he was partially replaced by the G7 by the G20 and the group “has made significant progress in the field of financial regulation.” “But that was before the rise to power of (US President) Donald Trump with his deep aversion to multilateralism” – notes “FT” in an editorial. “Without state support the main international cooperation is now probably the worst of the collapse in the 70s of the twentieth century monetary system of Bretton Woods.” “It does not seem to appear any new hegemon, which could fill the gap left by the US. It is not even certain whether Trump after leaving the White House will return America to exercise leadership in the global trading and financial system” – writes the daily. “What will other major economies? – wonders” FT “. – No it is not so large, internally consistent, or even committed to a multilateral approach to take (leadership) after the United States.” Official notes, however, that although “most likely (the candidate) is the EU (…) it is too often undermined by the particular interests of Member States, eg. Germany” – we read.

And although “easier to diagnose the problem than to solve it”, “it is at least a few steps that can be taken (the current situation) other (outside the US) developed economy” – writes “FT”. As one of them log lists “maintain the current structure and policy dialogue as long as possible.” “Although the (scheduled for Friday and Saturday) G7 probably will not be nothing more than criticize Trump, (…), this meeting can at least prove that the system is not to end up broke” – we say. “Another possibility – necessarily outside the G7 forum – the attempt to coordinate the response to the aggressive marketing tactics to build Trump and cooperation that the United States would have missed” – suggests the newspaper. Official recalls in this context that “Japan, which traditionally takes a relatively passive role in diplomacy regarding international trade, unexpectedly took the initiative in wskrzeszaniu Partnership Transpacyficznego, after the Trump withdrew him from the US” .See also: Trudeau and Macron for “strong multilateranizmem in a difficult geopolitical situation ‘ “According to the” FT “,” common tactic is useful, even if it will be used on different battlefields. ” Here the daily stresses that Mexico and Canada in the “praiseworthy way they face” the US on the renegotiation of the free trade agreement NAFTA and the EU decided to impose on the United States retaliatory duties, “instead of trying to appease Trump.” “Even China, though rarely can rely on them in multilateral initiatives, bluntly informed the White House that the offer made by the Beijing opening of the Chinese economy may be withdrawn if the US meet their threats to impose duties” – says. “None of these measures does not fully replace the G7 with previous decades or G20 in recent years. But the big global economy can do more than just wallowing in despair. Presidency Trump will not last forever, and they need to take a good position and use it, the era of aggressive economic nationalism will finally end, “- concludes the” Financial Times “. Warsaw authorities can not come to terms with this fact, but the monument will be dedicated on April 10 – she said in a radio RDC Zdzislaw Sipiera.

In his opinion, the situation around the monuments of Smolensk is “embarrassing spectacle”. He added that in this case ‘difficulties are made all the time. ” In Warsaw, they have created two monuments commemorating the Smolensk catastrophe – a monument to the victims of the Smolensk tragedy of 2010. And the statue of former President Lech Kaczynski, who is to be ready for jesieni.zobacz also Dera Devotion investigation concerning. Smolensk catastrophe in the hands of Russia, it was a mistake of Polish politics »In mid-March Mazovia province governor Zdzislaw Sipiera approved the location of the monument b. President Lech Kaczynski in front of the Warsaw Garrison, opposite the Pilsudski square. Monument to the Victims of the Smolensk Tragedy of 2010. Is to stand in the area between the green pl.

Pilsudski in Warsaw, and ul. Royal. According to the assurances of the head of the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers, who previously represented the social committee for the building of monuments Jacek Sasin, a monument to the victims of the Smolensk air crash will be unveiled on April 10, while the monument b. President Lech Kaczynski also jesienia.zobacz: Expert: Laying wreckage of Tu-154M crucial in the study of disaster Smolensk »April 10, 2010. in the crash of the Tu-154M near Smolensk killed 96 people, including President Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria Kaczynska and the last president of Poland in exile Ryszard Kaczorowski. Polish delegation was heading to the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre. According to the order of the Court, creditors Coast credit unions will be able to submit their claims to the judge – commissioner within 30 days from the publication of a notice of bankruptcy in Court and Economic Monitor – reads. FSA suspended the activities of credit unions Coast on 15 September 2017 .; It occurred when requesting the bankruptcy of the cooperative cash.

As announced in the Communication FSA, the decision to suspend the activities of credit unions “Coast” was passed unanimously and is based on the fact that the cooperative cash assets are not sufficient to meet its liabilities. It was recalled that on 8 August 2016. KNF unions established in the “Coast” receivership manager. With its report, which was submitted to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority on 17 August 2017. Shows that the financial situation of money on the day preceding the establishment of receivership manager meant “deep insolvency”. “The granted by the National Cooperative Savings and Credit (National Association) in 2014-2016 for credit unions to help stabilization Coast proved to be insufficient to restore stability to the box office,” – stressed the FSA.

In mid-August this year. National Association informed the FSA of the refusal to grant further aid the stabilization credit unions “Coast”. 29 August 2017 r. FSA said that no cash cooperative does not have the ability to take credit unions “Coast” in a way that ensure the safety of deposits collected at the box office. At the same time the Financial Supervision Authority decided to initiate administrative proceedings in order to examine the possibility of taking over unions ‘Coast’ by a domestic bank. “As defined by the FSA deadline, ie. By 12 September 2017. Inclusive, no domestic bank has raised interest in participating in the process of acquisition of credit unions Coast or certain of its property rights or specific obligations.

In this regard have been exhausted practicable by the Commission Cash form of restructuring “- underlined. In this situation, the Financial Supervision Authority has notified the Bank Guarantee Fund (BFG) about the threat of bankruptcy credit unions “Coast” and the lack of evidence indicating the possibility to take supervisory measures or actions same unions “Coast”, allowing for the removal of the state of insolvency. Currently there are 36 credit unions in five is receivership. According to the FSA for credit unions in the sector in the first half of this year., At the end of June 2017. 28 credit unions and the National Association was falling proceedings repair, with five offices implementing rehabilitation programs approved by the Financial Supervision Commission. On the other hand, throughout the period of the exercise by the FSA supervision sector unions (ie, from the end of 2012) to the end of the second quarter of 2017.

Was suspended the activities of ten offices (courts sent the Commission proposals for bankruptcy the cash), seven offices were taken over by banks (moreover, August 10, the Financial Supervision Authority approved the acquisition of the Bieszczady unions by ING Bank Slaski); One cash register was taken over by another cash and two cash merged with the consent of the Financial Supervision Authority. (PAP) by Peter Smilowicz editor: Dorothy Kazimierczak Rescue teams led action exploration in extremely difficult conditions – high temperatures and dusty. After many failed attempts, they managed to reach the shaft where the explosion and fire exit to the place of the tragedy. First found eight bodies of the miners at the next attempt and discovered the body of the last trapped. The accident occurred on Saturday approx. H. 12 local time (8 Polish time) at a depth of approx. 340 m. Underground worked 17 people, eight of them escaped to the surface without damage.

They are employees of the US-30, who led the construction work on behalf of the owner of the mine, company Uralkali. Uralkali says that responsible for security matters is the company US-30, which since last year, construction work carried out there. According to the preliminary findings could lead to violations of work safety regulations. Mine “Uralkalia” has a depth of 500 m. The Investigative Committee of the Perm Krai initiated a criminal case in connection with the possible violation of mining safety. (PAP) IU / PO leaders Grzegorz Schetyna, the PSL Wladyslaw Kosiniak- Kamysz Modern Catherine Lubnauer, SLD Vladimir Czarzasty and Greens Co-Tracz Malgorzata and Marek Kossakowski on Sunday signed a declaration on the establishment of the European Coalition. “We establish the European Coalition is to defend Poland against antyeuropejskimi forces, against those who undermine, destroy the Polish position in the European Union” – said the chairman of the joint conference of the PO leaders groups. Dworczyk in Polsat News European Coalition called “coalition of fear.” “It’s hard to resist the impression that the only thing that connects this coalition, it is the fear of the PiS, because as former activists of the Communist Party, or even secretaries of the Communist Party unite ideologically with representatives of NZS, or people with rightist views out there who operate” – noted the Minister. “No Base program, only the coalition of terror” – podkreslil.zobacz also: European Coalition: make it impossible to exit from the EU Polish »party leaders signed a declaration on the establishment of the European Coalition” According to the head office of the prime minister, “anxiety”, which must be expressed in connection with the appointment of this coalition it is due to the fact that its members represent “so different and so extreme political parties.” According Dworczyk it is likely that members of the Coalition “scatter” to various groups operating in the European Parliament. “Fighting for Polish interests, you need to be united, you have to represent the strength of one faction EuropeanParliament” – he stressed.

Dworczyk added that he enjoys signing the declaration, because – as justified – “may be the end of any opportunity to talk about the program.” “Over the past months, the opposition parties occupy themselves together, giving evidence that the less you are interested in the program, ladies and gentlemen, only your problems, and for the Poles, they are not really important,” – he said, turning to the present in the studio members of the Coalition European Union. Referring to the statements of the Minister, Gasiuk-Pihowicz stressed that opposition MPs combines “one hundred percent convinced that Polish is a place in a united Europe.” According to Ms Europe need to protect against “populist policies”, among which the president mentioned Law and Justice Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the French politician Marine Le Pen and the Deputy Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Salviniego. “Trying to talk down reality and formulating round believes you are unable to convince voters to populism, which today presents lady” – said Dworczyk. Gasiuk-Pihowicz announced the establishment of the program, whose task will be to prepare the core curriculum among the coalition partners. “There will be three conventions strong program in March, April and May, at which the program will be presented,” – she added. In early February the group b. Prime ministers and b. The foreign ministers signed a declaration containing an appeal for the creation of the European Coalition, and create a broad list for the EP elections. The authors of the appeal turned to “responsible political forces and communities, local government and civil society” to issue “a wide-ranging list, the aim of which would be the restoration of a strong position in the Polish EU”. Under the signature of a declaration submitted – apart from the head of PO Grzegorz Schetyna – including former prime ministers: Ewa Kopacz, Jerzy Buzek, Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz, Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz, Leszek Miller and Marek Belka, and b. Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski.

February 16 about joining the European Coalition decided Democratic Left Alliance. A day later, a decision made by the National Council or the Green Party. On the other hand, modern decision to join the Coalition announced on Friday.

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